People First Stadium takes a commendable approach to sustainability by implementing several key initiatives:

  • Solar Panels: 600 custom made solar panels each weighing 110kg each have been integrated into the roof of People First Stadium. These panels provide 20% of its energy needs.
  • Water Recycling program: Rainwater harvesting of 650,000 liters capacity for the flushing of toilets and high efficiency air conditioning with a chilled water thermal storage tan.
  • Recycling: People First Stadium recycles glass, paper and cardboard, green waste and co-mingled recyclables with the aim of recycling approx. 75% of its waste.
  • Digital Ticketing: By promoting digital ticketing, the stadium minimizes paper waste associated with traditional ticket printing.
  • Water Refill Stations: Encouraging the use of reusable water bottles, refill stations are conveniently located throughout the stadium.

These combined efforts demonstrate People First Stadium’s commitment to environmental responsibility and creating a more sustainable future.

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