As a part of the AFL expansion into the Gold Coast, a new $144M stadium has been built at Carrara. The stadium has a capacity of 27,500 spectators and is capable of being extended to approximately 40,000 in the future. It features an AFL oval and is capable of hosting cricket matches, concerts, festivals, athletics events and soccer matches. People First Stadium is a Queensland owned venue however the Gold Coast Football Club & SUNS Hospitality team proudly manage and operate the stadium.

The stadium is located in the Carrara Sporting Complex (CSC) on the site of the old Carrara Stadium and has been designed to be an iconic landmark of the Gold Coast.

Environmentally sustainable features have been built into Heritage Bank Stadium including water tanks (with a total capacity of 650,000L) that are plumbed to the stadium’s toilet facilities. The stadium has also been fitted with 450 metres (574 individual units) of solar panelling which combined, form a 5m wide inner rim around the stadium’s entire roofline. The solar panels will generate approximately 275,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per annum, or approximately twenty percent of the stadium’s total electricity needs.

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